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The Heart's Mission Creative Therapy 

Live your inner freedom

Connect to your heart            Find your deepest mission            Live from a place of inner freedom 

The Heart's Mission Creative Therapy is a holistic counselling, energy healing and art therapy creative wellness private practice in Vancouver, BC.

At The Heart's Mission, we are dedicated to:

  • Encourage your personal strengths and find your core of authenticity
  • Empower you to live your life from a place of wholeness
  • Support you to cultivate meaning in your present life and find meaning to your history

Founded on values of possibility, The Heart's Mission places importance on helping the client develop inner resilience, experience trauma reversal and find the path for innate self-healing.

In Sterquilinus Invenitur  - what you most want to find will be found where you least want to look for it.

We invite you to begin a conversation with your deepest self. 

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